pedagogy and architecture

I am junior Professor of pedagogy and didactics at the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bozen.

My research interests include the analysis of of learning spaces according with media literacy goals for the development of awareness and creativity. I’m analyzing new didactics tools and places in accordance with pedagogies, cultures and anthropological models. Since 2010 I’m working on the topic of the relationship between pedagogy and architecture thogether with two architects Sandy Attia and Matteo Scagnol (

The goal of the research was to investigate the fundamental relationship between pedagogy and architecture in school premises restoration and building processes aimed at promoting innovation in both structural – aesthetic and pedagogical – educational terms. Our intention was to examine the educational guidance provided by the headmaster and by the teaching team in the process which leads to the creation of the school. We also analysed the strategies developed by architects in order to suit present needs and best exploit the possibilities which come into play when new scholastic structures are created.

The results of the research are going to be published for the end of 2014 and our next goal will be to work on some translations of this work in English.

Pedagogy and architecture: works in progress  preview
PEDAGOGY AND ARCHITECTURE: between awareness and responsibility preview